Why choose SKIRON
  1. Best quality of products

    Study, construction, installation and support services even after the sale.

  2. Certified result.

    Certified efficiency, using portable laboratorial equipment.

  3. Respect for the environment.

    For a better future and a healthy environment.

Welcome to SKIRON.

Skiron has an active presence on the air-conditioning and ventilating market since 1935, based in our production facilities in New Raidestos of Thessaloniki. More than 70 years occupation...


Οur Services

  • Study of Air Conditioning - Ventilation - natural Gas installations.
  • Supply, construction and installation of complete systems.
  • System efficiency certification.
  • After sale support of installed systems.

Our Products

  • Air Handling Units
  • Air Ducts
  • Fan Sections
  • Kitchen Systems
  • Dampers
  • Air return grilles
  • Air supply grilles
  • Outdoor Type grilles

Latest News

Niva A.D Project is complete- 26 Νοεμβ. 2009

With great success our specialized technicians completed an air conditioning, air renewal and heating system installation for a knitting factory (Niva A.D) at Novisad, Serbia

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